High Performance Communities simultaneously address a city's most critical secondary education, college and workforce issues. This fundamentally new approach is highly scalable and doesn't require significant new funding.

High Performance Communities are not just about giving each individual in your community the skills that they need to succeed in education, work and life.

And they're not just about breathing new life into the workforce and expanding the economic potential of your community.

It's also about your community working together in shared purpose, goals, commitment, effort, excellence, accomplishment and pride.

Why High Performance?

Low high school graduation rates, low college attainment, unemployment, and employers who find the local workforce unsatisfactory are all usually considered to be different problems with different solutions, leading to a lack of coordination and a duplication of efforts.

But the underlying issue is the same for all of these problems - people don't have the essentials of High Performance.

High Performance is the core skills, traits and mindsets that everyone needs to succeed in anything they do.

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How does a High Performance Community function?

A High Performance Community focuses on what really matters

A person's success isn't only determined by what they know, but also how they use that knowledge to solve problems, how they learn new skills on their own, their attention-to-detail, their persistence and self-reliance, and their "I can" attitude and self-efficacy. A High Performance Community focuses on these essentials of High Performance

A High Performance Community marshals cutting edge technology

The CSM COURSE extends the idea of personalized learning beyond skills to include the traits, attitudes and mindsets of High Performance, as well. CSM is also unusually sensitive to the fear and low self-esteem that are hurdles for many students and adults.

A High Performance Community is connected through CSM

CSM is a shared experience - everyone who has taken CSM (from students to teachers to front-line workers to managers) knows the work required and the high level of skills signified, engendering mutual respect.

CSM is a shared standard - the CSM Certificate of High Performance can be a common standard for college- and career-readiness - colleges can use the CSM Certificate in placement, and employers can use it in hiring. As more colleges and employers utilize CSM, the more value it has for people in the community, and the more that education and training programs have incentive to use CSM.

CSM High Performance Communities have a natural cycle of demand for those with CSM Certificates, and supply of CSM training by education providers
High Performance Community White Paper

Who is "everyone"?

A High Performance school district isn't just about the students -- it can also include the superintendent, the district staff, principals and teachers, school bus drivers and cafeteria workers, PTA leaders and parents!

Everyone earns a CSM Certificate, and everyone helps one another - by encouraging others to take CSM, by giving support while they work on CSM, and by cheering when they earn their certificate: friends, children, spouses, parents, neighbors and co-workers.

A High Performance Community is universal

High Performance is useful for everyone and, with CSM, is attainable by everyone. These characteristics provide a unique opportunity for engaging an entire community in a skills uplift effort - education and workforce; public and private; profit and non-profit; friends and family; neighbors and co-workers. Everyone can benefit from High Performance; everyone can encourage and help someone else. Everyone can share the purpose, effort, and accomplishment

How you can be part of a High Performance Community


Employers - Private and public employers can use CSM both for internal practices (onboarding, skills upgrades, promotion pathways), as well as for hiring purposes. Learn more


Education - Schools, colleges and workforce education programs can use CSM to help students graduate, and to prepare them for more advanced education and careers. Learn more


Individuals - Everyone can participate in a High Performance Community. From individuals taking the CSM Course independently to build their High Performance to small business owners offering discounts for customers with the CSM Certificate, there's room for everyone. Learn more

A short video introduction to High Performance Communities

How do you start a High Performance Community?

Whether you're the mayor or simply a member of the community with a desire to make real change, the key ingredient of a High Performance Community is people with passion and energy who are committed to transforming their community. Perhaps that's you!

We know about CSM and High Performance Communities, and you know about your own community and want it to be better - together, we can do this!

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